ReFrame Solutions is excited to introduce ReFrame Assist to the Public Housing Authorities to collaborate on a mission to evaluate innovative solutions to help the Expansion of the (MTW) Moving to Work Demonstration Program.

ReFrame Assist offers a full suite of applications supporting each Cohort of the MTW Demonstration Program. We understand the challenges PHAs face in providing the best-in-class innovative technology solutions to solve the most critical business problems with current processes and program administration. We realize the MTW Demonstration Program offers numerous benefits to your agency by evaluating new flexible solutions to help implement new rent policies, increase self-sufficiency for families, provide landlord incentives, and improve overall administration of housing programs.

The ReFrame Assist Solution is designed for PHAs supporting simplified low-income housing administration. ReFrame Assist is a suite of software applications that help housing authorities efficiently administer federal, state, and local low-income housing programs while easing compliance for owners and tenants. Modules within the platform support federal 50058 and 50059, HCVP reporting compliance, Moving to Work program administration, Mobile Inspections, Wait List functionality, and more. The platform allows MTW agencies to streamline administrative operations and practices, which will significantly reduce costs related to outdated software or manual processes your staff may experience managing existing programs.

ReFrame Assist provides a flexible and expandable platform that combines traditional HUD compliance with the simplicity of the cloud and provides scalability for small, medium, or large PHAs. ReFrame is a SaaS-based platform delivering true affordability and excellent value. ReFrame Assist offers the flexibility and control to help create new initiatives for procedures and policy improvements that address your specific needs.

MTW Flexibility

Develop promising practices by drastically improving administrative efficiencies in managing MTW programs. ReFrame Assist offers highly configurable solutions that puts the decisions in the hands of the PHA and supports the MTW program plan. Alleviate the burden of compliance and gain time to engage with residents, foster stronger communities and maximize your organization’s growth potential with comprehensive services from ReFrame Assist.


ReFrame Assist has developed best-in-class innovative technology solutions to help administer MTW programs using industry best practices.


Our consultants offer program-specific leading practice guidance, data migration, and can help your organization design and implement optimized processes for compliance and management.

ReFrame Assist offers MTW PHAs the flexibility to create and manage unique programs that allows growth and sustainability pertaining to MTW Flexibility

Feature and Flexibility Include:

Rent Reform

Create a custom comprehensive rent reform program that will re-examine rental assistance and develop new sustainable ways for the future, including rent reforms that provide a path for workable families to move toward self-sufficiency.

ReFrame Assist offers MTW PHAs the flexibility to create and manage unique programs that allows growth and sustainability pertaining to Rent Reform

Feature and Flexibility Include:

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