Customer obsession is the centerpiece of the ReFrame Assist suite of products

In conversation with Cynthia Bates, Managing Director at ReFrame Solutions.

“Smart companies have realized that customer loyalty is the most powerful sales and marketing tool that they have.”Bill Price, Founder, Driva Solutions

Cynthia Bates has always prioritized assisting customers in meeting their objectives and successfully managing their initiatives. She feels that offering good software is not enough to ensure client success. It also entails offering exceptional customer service, support, and training so that customers can be efficient and productive in accomplishing their organizational goals.

During her career, Cynthia Bates has worn many hats in the housing industry. She started working as a database administrator for one of Massachusetts’ non-profits that runs federal and state programs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Cynthia gained knowledge and experience into the housing industry and its challenges as she progressed through several roles such as Finance Manager, Project Specialist, Senior Project Manager and now Managing Director.

Her extensive experience in and out of the housing industry, wearing several hats, and seeing things from various viewpoints, helped her to envision the Assist product suite. She is skilled at leading big development teams and working with clients to deploy the ReFrame Assist solution, since she possesses both functional and technical skills.

Working towards a shared vision

Cynthia joined ReFrame in 2019 after being recruited by Anand Balasubramanian, CEO of ReFrame Solutions. A customer-obsessed business was a goal that Anand and Cynthia both shared, and together, they knew they would be successful.

At ReFrame, Cynthia leads the Assist Vertical as Managing Director.  Her duties include managing all aspects of the vertical, to meet company goals and growth expectations.

During her tenure in ReFrame, Cynthia proudly shares her two biggest achievements.

  1. Launched a modern technology solution with portals, mobile inspection tablet, and GL, into the ReFrame Assist Section 8 product suite.
  2. Led the state of Vermont, and other County, Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance program, which aided in supplying the ideal revenue source to develop and maintain the product as well as the product team, properly positioning ReFrame to compete in the market.

Customer Excellence as a philosophy

Cynthia explains how she believes in setting an example when it comes to helping customers digitally transform their businesses:

 “We work hard to ensure our customers are able to leverage our solution effectively and efficiently, offering our industry and program knowledge and forging strong relationships. We set an example for our clients by being the best at what we do.”


Big plans ahead

Cynthia summarizes her future goals for ReFrame Assist…

“We are concentrating all of our efforts on sales and marketing, both last year, and in 2023 to establish a foothold in the market. In order to be ready for quick onboarding of new customers, I am also developing a support and installation team that is customer focused. The energy and excitement of my team and our customers greatly inspire me. It’s great to see it all come together this year!”

Cynthia finds immense satisfaction in watching her clients succeed, her staff grow and learn, and her customer’s clients gain from the initiatives they manage. Given the societal significance of the work done by governmental and nonprofit organizations, Cynthia finds working with them to be incredibly satisfying.

I am not just helping my company grow and be profitable, I am also helping my customers to achieve societal goals.

– Cynthia Bates