About ReFrame

Expressing Solutions Differently ReFrame

Reframing cloud native technology​

Our goal is focused on radically improving performance for government/enterprise solutions through a cloud-native platform and an increased focus on customer service.  By providing more efficient solutions our clients can meet their immediate goals and objectives and be better positioned for future growth and development.

“ReFrame offers a collaborative partnership - from initial outreach, to implementation and ongoing support. We help clients achieve their immediate goals and collaborate with them to accelerate and achieve future growth and development”​


Reframe customer experience through innovative technologies. It must be integral to everything we do, we believe, the only way to succeed. Our customer references must speak for us.


To develop and deliver better, more efficient applications and solutions through cloud-native technologies so that our clients can meet their immediate goals & objectives and be better positioned for future development and growth.

Our Core Values

Customer Obsessed

a razor-sharp focus on our customer's satisfaction is essential and the only way to succeed. Our customer references are our best salespeople.

​ Professionalism

to be professional in our actions toward our clients, partners and each other.


ReFrame operates with the best-in-class technology solutions to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.


committed to the development of entrepreneurial leaders.

​ Excellence

to continually improve our customer service and technology.

Leadership Team

Greg Amato

Vice President of Product

Anand Balasubramanian


Michael Choiniere

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Farr

Chief Strategy Officer

Daphne Firth

Board Member

Scott Schooley

Chairman of the Board

Peter Masanotti

Board Advisor

Jennifer Mikalonis

VP of Operations

Sandy Schroeder

Managing Director – Engage

Nate Shellenbarger

Director of Information Security

Vaidy Sreenivasan

VP of Catalyst

Stacie Sullivan

Director of Human Resources

Let's Start ReFraming

Happy to connect on customer engagement, government housing delivery or technology consulting

Cynthis Bates

Managing Director - Assist

Robert Brandner

Managing Director - Catalyst

Sandy Schroeder

Managing Director - Engage

Greg Amato

Director of Sales and Capture

Michael Choiniere

Director of Finance

Jennifer Mikalonis

Director of HR and Operations

Anand Balasubramanian

Customer Concierge

Daphne Firth


Scott Schooley

General Counsel