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Meaningful Interactions. Powered by AI.

Alden, the chatbot, revolutionizes client engagement for PHAs by providing real-time interactions, assisting with program inquiries, eligibility assessments, maintenance reporting and valuable metrics analysis, all at a fraction of the cost.

ReFrame ChatBot seamlessly integrates with any application to deliver 24*7 configurable support for queries, suggestions and more.

Integration just got better. Across and Beyond ReFrame.

Agile scalability

Our scalable solutions allow PHA to handle huge volumes of client queries efficiently without affecting the lead conversion rate.

User friendly

Chatbot has an interactive user interface that is easy and clean to use and to navigate with PHA participants and applicants.

Support Bot/Configurable knowledge base

Internal users can query the bot, asking questions regarding program guidelines, eligibility, etc., and the system can be configured with agency FAQs. With ChatGBT technology, Alden can scan complex agency Admin Plans, ACOPS, procedure documents, as well as ReFrame’s electronic documentation, all from the Back Office Desktop. If the bot is unable to answer the question after multiple attempts, users are prompted to submit a support ticket by providing their name, email and phone number. The entire conversation is sent in the email to the Assist Support desk.

Eligibility screening tool

Agencies can surface the bot on the website, applicants can ask questions about eligibility and after entering the number of household members, their zip code and annual income, bot will response with the income level.

Appointments scheduling

Scheduling appointments with PHA staff - after interacting with the knowledge base, the user can request to schedule an appointment with PHA staff by providing the name, phone numbers and email address. The user can pick a convenient time slot and will receive a confirmation email message from Engage.

For Assist NextGen

Accelerate application processes, automate common queries, and provide 24*7 support to residents, owners/vendors and administrators.

For Engage

Enable quick access to records, automate common queries, and provide real-time responses for common queries.

For Catalyst

Automate common query responses, document and form access, and easy navigation for business owners with our ChatBot.

For Enterprise

Gain a competitive edge for your business in customer service with automated query responses, in-built product suggestions, and real-time support.

ChatBot reframed with the right amount of everything

Configurable and AI-powered

Our ChatBot offers an advanced level of configurability, that is powered by AI to effectively carry out client interactions.

More human and real-time assistance

Our ChatBot is rooted in empathetic response mechanisms. It provides immediate and authentic interaction, in real-time.

Scale with ease and zero wait time

The infrastructure is designed to adapt and scale effortlessly to handle multiple user interactions, integrate with multiple digital tools and more effortlessly.

Integrate conversion and conversation in one place. Let's talk!

Streamline client interactions and enable real conversational experience with a singular, scalable and seamless ChatBot.

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