Case Study

ReFrame Engage provides the Secretary of State offices a powerful solution that enables better communication and collaboration with their constituents



Public Sector



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The Background

Secretary of State offices offer multiple services to their constituents such as Business Services, Elections and Voting, Notary Public, State Archives, Commercial Recordings and more. The Secretary of State offices are charged with finding solutions to better serve their constituents. 

Business Challenge

During the pandemic, the Secretary of State offices were challenged with meeting with constituents in person as their offices were closed. The stakeholders needed a solution where staff can work remotely while giving them the tools and resources to carry-out meetings virtual. This coupled with the visibility into whom the staff was meeting with and why. They soon realized the solution was of value for both virtual and in person as offices opened.

ReFrame Engage offers Advanced conversational intelligence for unparalleled customer experience.

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Game-changer ​

ReFrame Engage provided the Secretary of State a comprehensive SaaS solution that enables their constituents to schedule an appointment from their website for any service easily. The Elections division provided a platform for their Candidate filers to schedule an in-person meeting while the system was able to collect all the necessary forms and details of the meeting before their visit

The Advantage

Modern Communication Tools​

ReFrame Engage provides a one-stop application for any business to seamlessly and easily communicate and collaborate with their customers offering all the latest communication tools 

Highly Configurable​

The solution is highly configurable. We give organizations and businesses the control to configure and brand their application as well as meet their workflows and business processes goals.

ReFrame Engage offers SMS Text Messaging, Video Conference, Internet Calling, ChatBot and more. The solution is a single user interface to record and store all interactions with your customers​

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ReFrame empowers the future of business by enabling context-aware solutions to connect with your customers anywhere, anytime. 


Peer Difference

ReFrame Engage provides the tools to perform the best customer experience within a single powerful platform. The solution enables your customers to easily and seamlessly perform business transactions with your agency or organization. Highly configurable giving customers the tools and resources to brand and custom message their customers in multiple ways. The real-time messaging, documenting and collaborating makes it easy to do your daily tasks.​ . ​