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Public Housing Administration



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The Background​

Public housing authorities are particularly challenged when it comes to document management. While HUD allows for electronic records to be maintained for most document types, age-old standards for maintaining documents with original signatures in paper format have slowed the pace at which PHAs have adopted electronic record systems. 

Business Challenge​

Most documents are received from applicants, tenants, and landlords though snail mail, even with the implementation of portal where users can upload electronic documents. PHAs are also subject to complex data retention policies required by HUD and state regulations. Collecting, securing, and purging paper documents requires significant effort from agency re- sources; effort, of which, could be re-allocated to other administrative purposes. Few competitors provide fully integrated document scanning, upload, and archive features that make document management effortless.

Reframe Assist provides complete document management functionality throughout the suite of products, including:

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Game-changer ​

Included in the Assist product suite is a highly configurable document management system that helps PHAs transition to a completely electronic records management system. 

The Advantage

Tenants and Owners

Our Tenant and Owner portals allows for documents to be exchanged between the PHA, tenants, and owners in an encrypted, electronic format. 


Scanning with or without barcodes directly to the applicant, tenant, owner, or unit record easily facilitates converting paper documents to an electronic format, of which can be viewed and managed directly in the Back Office. 

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Improved user experience, efficiency, and compliance are inherent in the solution

The Assist suite of products provides seamless, integrated document capture, storage, display, and archive functionality so that electronic documents are managed in compliance with HUD, state, and organizational document retention policies. Agencies can be assured that all images are stored securely in the Azure Cloud and are accessible to applicants, tenants, owners, and agency users in real-time. 


Peer Difference

Technology Stack

Built on windows technology and hosted in the Azure cloud, the solution ensures high scalability, security, and reliability