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ReFrame CARES Emergency Assistance Solution Powered by ReFrame Solutions​


Federal Emergency Rental Assistance



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The Background​

State and municipal agencies have received many millions of dollars in COVID Relief funds under the CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act. to disseminate as Emergency Rental Assistance. The program provides rent, utility and other benefits for those applicants impacted by the pandemic and who are below 80% of Area Median Income as defined by HUD. 

Business Challenge​

Most agencies lacked the staffing and capacity to process these large amounts of funds in an expedited time frame to meet the need in the community. They have sought a vended solution to provide software and comprehensive program management. ReFrame Solutions quickly developed a technology + program administration solution with alacrity and has helped disburse the needed emergency funds with great efficiency, uniformity of case flow, and high audit control/fraud prevention. The program has been cited by Congress and the FBI for its efficiency and fraud controls.

ReFrame Solutions has successfully implemented our solution in three weeks and began approving applications a month later, helping agencies solve this massive business challenge to disseminate emergency funds quickly.​

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Game-changer ​

High-configurability to shorten implementation and remain agile to respond to an ever-changing health and political environment.

The Advantage

Category 1​

ReFrame’s Applicant and Owner Portals are highly configurable ADA compliant, mobile responsive and technology forward applications that can be launched within 3 weeks of project start.

Category 2

ReFrame’s Back Office allows agencies to review and approve applications and issue payments quickly while maintaining compliance with IRS, NACHA and Treasury regulations.

Rapid Deployment​

3 weeks from kickoff to deployment of the CARES solution.


Applications Approved in 30 day


Reliability and availability

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Case management, IRS compliance and Fraud Protection​

ReFrame Solutions is well-versed in administering housing programs in accordance with agency administrative plans. Our Call Center provides front-line assistance to applicants, landlords and utility vendors, while case workers efficiently review and approve applications for payment processing by our Finance Team. Program oversight ensures compliance with federal regulations and minimizes fraud and error.


Peer Difference

Technology Stack

Built on Windows technology and hosted in the Azure cloud, the solution ensures high scalability, security and reliability.