Education Case Study

ReFrame Engage Check-in is a powerful App that allows staff to quickly and seamlessly check-in students in real-time and immediately notifies the parent or guardian by SMS Text message when their student has arrived or not arrived​





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ReFrame Assist provides a completely configurable solution for Waiting Lists.

The Background​

Some PHAs do not have an online public-facing waitlist application, and the costs of developing one can be prohibitive. The Build Back Better legislation comes with significant funding that allows PHAs to serve more families, which ultimately requires PHAs to open their waiting lists.

Business Challenge​

Provide a highly configurable SaaS based solution that is priced to be affordable to PHAs small and large, which can be set up within weeks of project kickoff. 

Assist provides configurable features to support Waiting List functions

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ReFrame Assist offers highly configurable solutions that can be implemented in weeks, not months.

Game-changer ​

ReFrame Assist provides a flexible and expandable platform that combines traditional HUD compliance with the simplicity of the cloud and provides scalability for small, medium, or large PHAs. ReFrame is a SaaS-based platform delivering true affordability and excellent value. ReFrame Assist Waiting List provides an ADA compliant, translatable, and mobile responsive Applicant Portal along with modern application processing features at affordable pricing.

The Advantage


ReFrame Assist offers PHAs the flexibility to open and close their waiting lists through a user-friendly SaaS solution that scales to meet the size of their programs.


The online solution is completely configurable, allowing ReFrame to onboard customers and go live within weeks, not months.

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ReFrame Assist is a suite of software applications that helps housing authorities efficiently administer federal, state, and local low-income housing programs ensuring compliance. 

ReFrame Assist Waiting List supports all federal and state programs, including:

Peer Difference

ReFrame Assist understands the challenges PHAs face in providing the best-in-class innovative technology solutions to solve the most critical business problems with current processes and program administration. We realize that maintaining waiting lists is administratively burdensome, and we offer a flexible and reasonably priced solution that helps PHAs to be prepared to take on the challenges that post-pandemic public policy provides.