Education Case Study

ReFrame Engage Check-in is a powerful application which allows school administrators to quickly and seamlessly communicate with parents in real-time, through SMS text messages, about their child’s arrival status






The Background​

Schools have adopted multiple technologies to check-in students as they arrive. Schools have been dealing with processes that can be challenging such as tracking arriving on time, arriving late or not arriving to school at all. This coupled with cell phone use and other school requirements. The schools need a quick and easy way to move students through the check-in process and have the best-in-class technology and resource to closely manage and monitor the information.

Business Challenge​

As many as one in six students in the United States misses enough school to be considered chronically absent, according to the US Department of Education. Approximately 800 school districts reported more than 30 percent of their students missed at least three weeks of school. Every state had schools that reported 10 percent or more of students as chronically absent.



Game-changer ​

The Reframe Engage Check-in solution helps schools monitor and manage their students more efficiently while providing real-time custom SMS Text Notifications to parents and guardians. A student's record is accessible with attendance reporting and profile of parents or guardians. The system provides broadcast text messaging for other types of school notifications such as parent-teacher conferences. 

The Advantage

Modern Communication Tools​

The ReFrame Engage Check-in APP is a modern technology solution provided to the schools to easily “check-in” students as they arrive to school.

Highly Configurable​

The solution is configurable by schools with logos and branding along with other data captured during the check-in, like;  no uniform, no cell phone pouch, or no card ID present. Staff can also manually look up a student in the absence of an ID card.

ReFrame Engage Check-in App is compatible with any mobile device and will immediately notify the parents or guardians by SMS Text message when their student has arrived​ ​


The Reframe Benefits For Education

  • Offering a powerful system for students to check into school with a swipe of their ID
  • Communicate their arrival in real-time via SMS to parents and/or guardians
  • Reporting on history of student check-ins
  • Appointment Scheduling for parents and teachers​
  • Allows for sending broadcast messages to parents and/or guardians whose ward has not checked in by the appointed time or send notices such as parent-teacher conference dates, and more
  • The system allows each student to have their own custom time of arrival​

Peer Difference

ReFrame Engage Check-in is changing the way schools can quickly and easily communicate with the student parent or guardian. The powerful platform can capture results and use this data for other relevant systems or be the standard check-in process for the school and its students. The possibilities are endless with the solution we can bring to education.

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